Perfect Paradise= La Playa
Reviewed by: RGP
Stayed for 5 days in February, 2014
The perfect place for a family. An open floor plan made life easy to multitask and relax.

Management was very responsive. We needed a coffee pot and before we could blink- we had a new machine.

We wish we could have remained forever.

Overall Satisfacation
Reviewed by: Island Child
Stayed for 7 days in June, 2013
This villa is well kept and gorgeous! The area is beautiful and peaceful. A home away from home - we did not want to leave.

Overall Satisfacation
Sooo Relaxing
Reviewed by: PennyB
Stayed for 3 days in May, 2013
Firstly I have to say that the photos of this place do not do it justice at all, it is so beautiful there and the house is gorgeous. The house may look small from the outside and you wonder how you will get 4 bedrooms in there, once you walk it it just opens up - it even has two livinig rooms. The service we got from Cayman Villias was fantastic and everything was as they said it would be. We went uo with 3 other families (8 adults & 3 infants intotal) and has so much room.

The only things bad I have to say was
1. there appeared to be a problem with the pool and although there was someone testing it when we got there, it was a slight greenish colour over the weekend and we are not sure if it was because of the, but two of the kids were sick when we got home.
2. The upstairs balcony has wooden slats with gaps and right underneath is the downstairs veranda. It rained on one of the days (no I am not saying that was the fault of Cayman Villia's)and just as you exit the patio doors onto the veranda, there was a waterfall coming from the upstairs balcony, therefore we could not walk out without getting drenched and the floor was then very slippy. I would suggest that they maybe look into rectifying this in some way.

Overall, we had such a releaxing weekend which is what we all were looking for. I would definitely stay here again - my new home away from home.

Overall Satisfacation