Reviewed by: EZRay
Stayed for 16 days in September, 2009
We have rented at Nani Kai Hale since 1978 and in the 30 some years Unit #308 was the best ever.

Overall Satisfacation
Loved the condo - management/HOA had a problem!
Reviewed by: Sue
Stayed for 15 days in June, 2009
I have stayed at Nani Kai many years and have a great affection for it and it's home owners. This is the 1st time I was able to be there in July.
It goes without saying that #308 is fabulous and all details are addressed. You can tell, even without knowing, that the owners actually spend time in this unit and know what it is like to live there!
The major issues -
One day we were sitting on the lanai when we saw 2 men fertilizing the vegetation. They looked up at us and laughed and we just thought they were being friendly - wrong! Very shortly the odor of fish emulsion overwhelmed us and we weren't able to sit out on, let alone eat on, the lanai for the next week - and the windows to the condo could not be open!!! The odor also kept us from using the pool or sitting out front anywhere near the condos. I understand that fertilization may be necessary but something else needs to be used! A huge part of the Nani Kai experience is using the lanai and listening to the waves through the windows and we were cheated of that.
Our other issue was the early morning jack hammering from the unit above us - and the construction noises continued all day! We went to Maui to regenerate and sleeping in or taking naps were out of the question. Again, we understand that renovations are necessary but we should have been warned ahead of time and given the option of another unit or to not book at all.
These issues were turned in to the management company on our form when we left. I have owned vacation rentals myself and am aware of being at the whim of management and HOA decisions. We have not decided if we will return this year.

Overall Satisfacation
excellent experience at Nani Kai Hale
Reviewed by: Maui lover
Stayed for 6 days in June, 2009
As the owner of a Maui-centered travel service who lives in Minnesota, I
always try to book at least a week at the Nani Kai Hale because it is one of the
most enjoyable, best managed, well-located places on the island. Otherwise,
we stay at several other places we've never stayed at before just to know first-
hand what they are like.

Overall Satisfacation
LOVED this condo!
Reviewed by: lindylover2001
Stayed for 7 days in October, 2008
I was thoroughly impressed with this vacation condo. The decor was impeccable ... very modern yet with a tropical feel. LOVED IT!

Overall Satisfacation