Gene and I had a magical visit staying at Villa Carmel. It was as if we walked into another place and time. The warmth and charm of the villa created an intimate and cozy feel for just the two of us, yet knowing all the while that the villa accommodates so many more people. As we settled into the house we were constantly gifted with new discoveries and artistic details worlds both near and far around the house as the morning passed through the day and into the nighttime. We felt we had all the modern day amenities at our disposal along with the charm of the old European style and charm..

We also loved our strolls exploring the grounds and gardens of Villa Carmel with the same wonder and curiosity. Between the breath taking views of Pt. Lobos and the dramatic sights and sounds of the Oceanscape off the patio; or sitting quietly on the lawn next to the fountain and enjoying the grandeur of the forest and trees, every place around the ground exuded it's own memory

We have found a very special place in Carmel to relax and unwind and Villa Carmel brought us gifts that we continue to speak of and will for many months to come.

                                                                                 Lynn & Gene   Saratoga, CA.

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