is not a property management company and we do not inspect the properties that list on our website. While fraud is rare, it can happen. The tips below are intended to help travelers avoid fraud.
»  Fraud warning signs include an unusually low price, uncertainly regarding the exact property location, or any suspicious behavior of the property owner or manager.
»  If possible, pay with a credit card. Credit cards typically offer protection in the event that your accommodation is not supplied as promised.
»  If paying by check or wire transfer take additional precautions because these payment types typically offer little or no protection. Wire transfers may be used by legitimate property owner/managers, however, they are susceptible to fraud and typically cannot be recovered and extra caution is necessary.
»  We do not recommend paying with money orders under any circumstances.
»  Proceed very cautiously if you must make an international payment using a wire transfer.
»  Speak to the owners/managers on the telephone versus strictly email.
»  Ask for references from past renters.
»  Request the street address of the property rented and look it up on one of the internet based map sites, such as or google maps.
»  Ask the owner where else the property is advertised on the Internet and for how long.
»  Never give out personal financial information (bank account number, social security number, etc.)
»  Do not send payment via check, bank transfer, wire transfer, money order or other non-recoverable payment methods until you have satisfied any doubts regarding the legitimacy of the property or property owner/manager.