Vacation Rentals--A Great Lodging Choice for Marathon Runners

While a traditional vacation means seeing the sights, lounging by the pool, and eating too much great food, to many it can also mean running 26.2 miles. That's the distance covered while running a marathon, one of the great achievements for an athlete of any skill level. More and more people are combining athletic events like marathons with their vacations. Sometimes, it's done simply for the personal sense of accomplishment. Others run the race for a charity, or in memory of a loved one. Whatever the reasons for competing, running 26.2 miles in Rome, Honolulu or Barcelona sounds a whole lot nicer than running it in your hometown.

Besides the obvious advantages of location, taking a marathon vacation has another added benefit: it keeps you honest in your training. Your commitment isn't just measured in the miles and time you put in every week while training (though that's significant in and of itself). Your commitment is also measured in dollars and travel time to a faraway place. Usually, people who go on marathon vacations take family and friends. And usually, with this kind of external pressure, not following through with training and then the race isn't an option. You've come this far, literally, not to at least toe the starting line.

If you're thinking about running a marathon, consider signing up for one of the races below. Then, book a vacation rental in the city you choose. There are lots of advantages to staying in a vacation rental when preparing for your race. They're quieter than resorts or hotels, so you can get your rest. You'll have a full, private kitchen where you can prepare the meals you need to train and race. They're bigger than a hotel or resort room--you can have a bedroom or other space all to yourself.

Here are a few things to remember when booking your vacation rental at your marathon's site:

  • Get their days in advance--even as much as a week in advance. You'll be glad you have the time to acclimate (especially important if you're changing altitude or climate). Plus, you and your travel partners will be glad to have the extra time to sight see or just relax before the big day.

  • Book now--don't wait until the last minute and you're stuck with less than desirable accommodations.

  • Think about whether or not you want your accommodations to be close to the starting line. There are obvious advantages to being near the race start, but there are some disadvantages such as noise and traffic. Staying further out may mean you need to rent a car, but it might be nice to be away from it all. It's really a personal decision. If you can't decide, then err on staying close to the starting line.

  • Pack your race shoes and outfit in your carryon. The last thing you want to do is break in a new pair of shoes because the airline lost your luggage.

  • Drive the race course prior to the race. Ideally, you'll do this alone and with some relaxing music playing. Picture yourself running strong up hills, look at where you can take the best tangent on a curve, and observe any obstacles or distractions. When you line up race morning, you'll be glad you took this extra step to prepare.

Be sure to leave time to head back to your vacation rental to celebrate. Catch the latest flight out possible, or stay an extra day. You don't want to rush out of town right after your victory. You'll want to savor the memory. After all, aren't memories what vacations are all about?

Top Marathons Around the World

Note: If a marathon on this list has already been run or you don't have enough time to train, then be sure to check its website for the 2014 date.

Rome Marathon, March 17, Rome Italy. Find Rome vacation rentals

Los Angeles Marathon, March 17, Los Angeles. We have a variety of Los Angeles vacation rentals

Barcelona Marathon, March 17, Barcelona Spain. Barcelona vacation rentals

Paris Marathon, April 7, Paris, France. See our Paris vacation apartments.

Boston Marathon, April 15, Boston, Massachusetts.

London Marathon, April 21, London. Find vacation rentals in London

Great Wall Marathon, May 18, China.

Copenhagen Marathon, May 19, Copenhagen. Find vacation rentals in Denmark.

Edinburgh Marathon, May 25, Edinburgh, Scotland. Here are our vacation rentals in Scotland

Berlin Marathon, September 29, Berlin, Germany. Berlin vacation rentals

Budapest Marathon, October 10, Budapest, Hungary. Find vacation rentals in Hungary

French Riviera Marathon, Nice, France. Check out Nice villas.

New York City Marathon, November 4, New York, NY.

Athens Marathon, November 10, Athens, Greece. Check out our Greece villas.

Honolulu Marathon, December 8, Honolulu, Hawaii. You might want to book two weeks at a Honolulu vacation rental.

Adventure Marathons

Adventure Marathons are held in scenic and unique places. There are four in the series for 2013:

The Great Wall Marathon, May 18, China.

The Big Five Marathon, June 22, South Africa Game Preserve.

The Polar Circle Marathon, October 19, Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.

The Bagan Temple Marathon, November 2, Myanmar.

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