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Vacation Apartment in Bacharach - 592 sqft, great view, r...
Bacharach 1 br Vacation Rental Apartment

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Bacharach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany





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Vacation Apartment Rental Description:

Vacation Apartment in Bacharach - 592 sqft, great view, romantic (# 2146)

Located in a crisp, modern house, this apartment has 1 bedroom and can sleep up to 4 guests. During your stay, you have access to a furnished terrace area. The apartment comes with satellite television and internet access., key advantages: great view, romantic, 1 living/family room with dining area, , upgraded interiors, clean, well furnished, very comfortable, makes you feel at home, bright and inviting, There is parking in front of the house available for this object,
The apartment is about 55sqm and lies 150 meters above the Rhine Valley with views directly on the Rhine from our terrace with garden furniture.

The apartment is designed for 2 persons and has 1 bedroom. However, it can sleep up to 4 persons using a murphy bed in the hallway and a sleeper sofa in the living room.

The house is built in 1996. The apartment is fully furnished (with Internet access and satellite TV), has two rooms, one bedroom (two beds), kitchen with appliances and bathroom with shower and tub. There is separate parking.

Linens, towels and utilities are included in the price. Telephone and Internet will be charged separately. Smokers are welcome, but there is no smoking in the house.

Location Frankfurt Airport:
This unit is located conveniently near Frankfurt Airport. From Frankfurt Airport the distance to the unit at Weingartenstrasse 1, 55422 Bacharach is about 77 km (48.1 miles), approximately a 1 hour drive by car. In addition, there are good public transportation options available for Bacharach, in case you don't want to rent a car. At the top of this page is also a map with the exact location of the object.

Rate Summary: starting prices from USD $87-$81 for 2 persons. Children up to 3 years stay for free.

Unit Size: 592 square feet

Additional Features: Internet Access, Wireless Internet, Central Heating, Oven, Refrigerator, Toaster, Television, Satellite TV, Patio, Telephone, Outdoor Dining Area, Sofabed

Accommodations: apt/condo

Location Description:

We rent our apartment overlooking the Rhine near Bingen, Bacharach-Medenscheid 30 km south of Koblenz, about 10 km to the Hunsrück, Nahe and 10 km to 25 km to the Moselle. We have neighbors only on one side. To the south we see in the distance to the neighboring village and castle Winzberg Sooneck. In between lies a nature reserve. To the east we have a wonderful unobstructed view of the Rhine. Under our house is a farm road, and the terrain falls away steeply into a former vineyard. We rent privately and without commission fee.

Bacharach has a railway station. Regional trains stop there. By taxi it is with us in five minutes. This allows you to classify the geographic location of the apartment, look at the map of the area. There are the following approaches:

     * From the highway AB Rheinböllen On Bacharach-Steeg, and Neurath.
     * From the highway AB Rheinböllen Manubach and Winzberg (downhill).
     * By bike through the forest of Rheinböllen Neurath (only slight incline).
     * From Highway AB Bingen on the B9. After the champagne house Geiling left to Bacharach and immediately left up the hill, turn left at the intersection.
     * From Highway AB Laudert direction Oberwesel. Before it goes down the hill right after Perscheid, turn right after Langscheid, right after Henschhausen by Bacharach, past the sign right up the hill, turn left at the intersection.

The Village:
Medenscheid is a village of about 180 inhabitants and is one of the districts of Bacharach. It is separate from Bacharach on the high ground and looks down on the Rhine. The village has an annual Rose Festival, with many gardens open to visitors. It is supported by a group of women who's ambition is to present new varieties of roses each year. In the village, several people are artistically active and in occasional exhibitions one can see their works.

The City:
Bacharach is on the Rhine River between Bingen and Oberwesel and has three high areas, with altogether 2,300 inhabitants. In summer, the city is heavily frequented by visitors. Above all, they're probably attracted to the "Rhine Romanticism": Winding streets, half-timbered houses, a veritable castle and numerous wine bars.

The castle Stahleck is now a youth hostel. In the vineyards, halfway between St. Peter's Church and castle, stands as a monument of culture and Rhenish High Gothic gem, the Ruin of the former Werner chapel. On Good Friday in 1287 the corpse of a boy named Werner was found in a cave on the Rhine between Bacharach and Rheindiebach. He was from Womrath on the Hunsrück, and was working in Oberwesel.

By the accusation of a maid, his Jewish employer was charged with ritual murder of the boy. The result of the ritual murder accusation was a pogrom that captured the neighboring towns of Bacharach, Oberwesel and Boppard. In these places more than 40 Jewish were killed by the mob. The wave of murders spread out on the Lower Rhine and was the worst pogrom since the first crusade. From this incident, Heinrich Heine was inspired in 1840 to write his unfinished novel "The Rabbi of Bacharach".

The corpse was first laid out in the chapel Kunibert at Bacharach. All sorts of miracles were rumored. The faithful who made pilgrimages to the grave of Werner were granted an indulgence of forty days. More was not possible, because the boy was not officially made sacred. Soon they formed a locally significant, but economically restrained pilgrimage business. Bacharach was one of the most important stopovers for Slavic and Hungarian pilgrims visited on their pilgrimages to Aachen.

With the introduction of the Reformation in 1545 the Werner cult lost its meaning. The relics were taken during the 30 Years War by the Spanish. In 1689 Bacharach was conquered during the War of Palatinate Succession and the French blasted castle Stahleck; falling debris smashed roofs and arches of the Werner chapel.

From 1981 to 1996 the ruin was restored with the help of a citizens' initiative. Today it is regarded not only as an outstanding example of Gothic architecture, but also as a memorial of Christian delusion and guilt towards the Jewish people. This is expressed on the dedication plaque with a prayer by Pope John XXIII.

The Middle Rhine Valley:
The Middle Rhine Valley from Koblenz to Bingen was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. "UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley Cultural Landscape", is the official title. This approximately 65-kilometer-long section is a cultural landscape of great diversity and beauty. Special events are an annual "Rhine in Flames": from early May to late September on several weekends there are huge pyrotechnic displays in the individual towns from Bingen to Bonn. End of June, "Valley-to-valley" on both sides of the Rhine with a free ride for bikes every weekend in summer there are several vineyards village and farm festivals.

In 2005 the "Rhine Castle trail" was finished, which passes also by our house. It connects the right and left of the Rhine 28 Castles of the World Heritage area of ??Bingen or Rüdesheim to Koblenz. This path is the path with the highest density of castles in Europe.

Of course we should not close the outlook for the region, without naming the elixir of life that holds together the Middle Rhine Valley, the wine. In the Middle Rhine region are grown approximately 600 hectares of vineyards, especially of the classic Riesling, but also Müller-Thurgau, Kerner, Pinot Noir and Dornfelder.

Many sunny days and the wind-sheltered position give these wines their special quality. The Rhine and the prevailing slate act as a natural heat storage. Due to intense tourism in the Middle Rhine Valley, the wine can be widely marketed directly to consumers.
Focus: Rhine Views Three Lakes View Neurath, Seven Virgins View Oberwesel, Loreley View Urbar Rheinpfalz view of the road between Oberwesel and Dellhofen, Vierseenblick at Boppard. Three castles view Patersberg, Lorelei platform. Focus: Castles The only not-destroyed castle on the Rhine: The Mark Castle in Braubach. Castle Sooneck at Niederheimbach, Rhine near Trechtingshausen, Rheinfels in St. Goar, St. Goar with castle Maus.Focus: Fun for KidsAnimal Park: Wildpark and Falconry Rheinböllen, butterfly park Bendorf, falconry Burg Maus.Playgrounds and playhouses: jungle village in Simmern (indoor children's playhouse), KidsIn in Buchholz (children's indoor play house), semi-natural playground in Wiebelsheim, playground to the State Garden Show in Bingen. Swim at the swimming Rheinböllen region bath Bingen-Ingelheim, outdoor swimming pool in St. Goar-Werlau, leisure and natural swimming pool in Simmern. Focus: CulinaryLandgasthof Blücher in Dörrscheid, Stübers Rhein Hotel Bacharach, The Crown Prince in Oberwesel-Dellhofen, Hotel Landsknecht St. Goar, Rhine hotel rock. Lafer Stromburg for the slightly thicker wallet. Some restaurateurs have joined forces to round table, some for the Free State of Bottleneck. Winemakers and restaurateurs from the Middle Rhine offer for several years events (readings, concerts) with coordinated menus under the theme of the Middle Rhine events.Focus: Music and Art at the Rhine Middle Rhine Museum and Ludwig Museum in Koblenz, sculpture park in Oberwesel, Rhine River Art Association, Association of Visual Artists in the Middle Rhine, Rhine gold in Oberdiebach Gallery, Art Tower in the Hague in Oberwesel. In summer, the Church of Our Lady in Oberwesel invites one Sunday matinee at 11.30 to the organ. In St. Severus, there are regular organ concerts. The concerts of the Villa Musica Foundation will take place in castles and churches in the region. Rhineland-Palatinate Summer of Culture offers concerts, theater performances and exhibitions in the Middle Rhine Valley. Focus: Ancient Churches in the Middle Rhine Valley St. Severus in Boppard, St. Goar collegiate church, Our Lady's Chapel and Werner in Oberwesel, St. Peter and Werner Chapel, Bacharach, St. Anna, Steeg.Focus: History Celts in the Binger Wald, Roman Boppard, Arrata, cult Werner, Hildegard of Bingen (Disibodenberg Rupertsberg, Eibingen).Focus: SportsHiking on the trail-Rhine castles on the left bank or right bank of the Rhine Trail: From Bonn to Wiesbaden. A tip: Walk through the Morgenbachtal Trechtingshausen. Cycling along the Rhine and on the Schinderhannes cycle path on the last weekend in June: total valley ("Tal Total") (B9 and B42 closed to motorized vehicles). Swim at the swimming Rheinböllen region bath Bingen-Ingelheim, outdoor swimming pool in St. Goar-Werlau, leisure and natural swimming pool in Simmern.Focus: CelebratingWine festivals, village and town festivals, medieval spectacle Pentecost in Oberwesel, Rhine in Flames, Culinary late August night in Bacharach. The tourism offices in Bacharach, Oberwesel and St. Goar list current events.
More travel info about Bacharach: The beautifully preserved medieval city of Bacharach lies in the heart of the Middle Rhine region. Bacharach is said to have been founded in pre-Roman times, possibly by the Celts. Town highlights include Stahleck Castle (now a youth hostel), many sections of the original town walls, The Church of St. Peter, historic half-timbered houses, the Gothic ruins of the Wernerkapelle, a Roman road in the Kuehlberg area, and the Stahlberg Castle ruins in the nearby village of Steeg. Many wineries are located in Bacharach and the nearby towns of the Rhine-Nahe wine growing region.
Accommodation and Amenities:

  • Garden
  • Patio
  • Terrace
  • Full Kitchen
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Oven
  • Phone
  • Refrigerator
  • Toaster
  • TV(s)

Owner/Manager last updated on 04/17/2014

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Pricing Notes:
2013-01-01 to 2014-12-31
starting price
Daily: 87 USD
Weekly: 565 USD to 581 USD
Minimum Stay: 3 days

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